April 16

Don’t Mow Your Lawn – Yet!


I know, I know, it's long, it's shaggy, it's cutting down on curb appeal. But it's too soon, and if you love eating you'll settle down a little bit on the need to have a perfect lawn. 

There's three reasons to wait until the last frost to cut your grass:


Bugs: soil health depends on bugs burrowing around in it, and they need it warm. You will have a healthier one by waiting until the bugs can do their underground magic. Plus, if you mow and then the grass freezes, you could kill the grass.


If you're in the Rogue Valley, you have bunnies. Bunnies lay little bunnies in your lawn. You do NOT want to run over a nest of baby bunnies with your lawn mower. You may never recover.


This is where our lives depend on you not mowing your grass yet. Bees are an indicator of global health. We absolutely rely on them to fertilize our food. In the spring, when they are sluggish and hungry, they go for easy pickings - like the dandelions in your front yard. If we want them to fertilize our pears and peaches, we need to give them the best start possible. So wait on mowing until the dandelions have gone to seed. If you really want to get rid of the dandelions, pick them out by hand, but plant bee-friendly flowers somewhere else in your yard. Please.

Trust me on this - you can still have a beautiful lawn, even if you wait until after the last frost to mow it. The long-term benefits for all of us far outweigh a couple of weeks of shagginess.

Let me know in the comments– have you mowed your lawn yet?


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