June 24

Does Your Life Stink?


Your teenager plays hockey. Your dog tangled with a skunk. Something died behind the wall in the living room. It's just a matter of time before one of these smells overwhelms your life. 

And now, guess what? I found something that works better than bleach, better than ozone: it's chlorine dioxide. Never heard of it? That's because it's been used primarily in heavy industry - including disinfecting drinking water. For the last 80 years.

What I'm saying is that this is a proven method of killing bacteria. And finally, it's been made available to remediation professionals. What does this mean for you? 

It means that when there's a sewage leak at work, all you have to do is call, and that noxious stink will be gone inside of a day. It means you can order the odor remover spray before your dog rolls in the dead thing.  It means you can have a fresh smelling laundry room. 

Smells we can eliminate: 





locker room -



airborne mold and mildew


rotten food 



Of course this is an ad! I'm excited to try out all the new places to work this magic.- so call me! The first 3 customers get 50% off!



odor removal

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